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Cabin counselors are assigned a group of 10 Campers who will stay together in their cabin (2 counselors per group). They will help them get to activities, provide emotional support, help with and approve any silly pranks on other cabins, and participate in fun activities.


Great opportunity for College Students looking to build their resume. No experience necessary. 


Day Camp Counselors oversee a group of Day Campers on the first day of camp, then become Activity Leader or Camp Helper for the remainder of Camp.


Activity leaders manage the fun at camp, including the zip lines and giant swing, organize games and activities, manage the camp store, help with Arts & Crafts, and so much more. 

We also need at least 1 Certified Lifeguard to be on duty during pool time each day.

Camp Helpers are volunteers willing to help out in any way needed at any given time. They might be in the kitchen, helping with individual children who have special needs, supporting activities, giving counselors a break, etc.   


Under the direction of the on-site physicians, Medical Staff will dispense medications, perform basic first aid and triage ill children presenting to the infirmary.


We also need volunteers to help in the Kitchen. No experience needed, just willing hands to help get everyone fed.  



  • Be 18 years or older

  • Pass a Background Check

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